Hope & David | Married Life

For me, 2018 was all about consistency. I hyper-focused on building my brand and defining my style. I like where I landed and to my wedding clients, you can expect my consistent light & airy style in your wedding photos.

However, in 2019... I’m going to allow myself to use my artistic license more. I’m not just a business owner & photographer... I’m an artist and I can’t afford to lose that crucial piece of myself. While my work for my clients will be consistent, I also need to make time for opportunities where I can create for the sake of art itself and not worry if it will fit into my curated IG feed. This session is so special to me, not just because the people involved are pure gems (I mean, they made me coffee), but because I could get outside of my own box, let go of my own set of rules, try something different & make art that felt authentic.

Rings: Honey Designs Jewelry