Grandmother's Wedding | Apalachee School House

I love antiques and I love digging though thrift stores. I have always been drawn to vintage style and that's what inspired this shoot. When I was starting to plan, I pictured hosting the shoot at the Apalachee School House in my home town. I grew up fascinated by the old school. So much charm, so much history, so many stories all wrapped up in that one building that is literally standing the test of time. As I began to piece together vendors and finishing touches, I found myself thinking of my grandmother, Betty. We called her MeeMaw. We used her suitcases as props and somewhere in the planning, I realized that I get my love of vintage antiques from her. She spent so much time visiting flea markets and I was too young to understand how cool that really is. From there, this shoot became about imagining what her wedding must have been like. Her and my grandfather's love story did not end happily, but it was love and it is a story and they still left an amazing family legacy for their four children and fourteen grandchilden. I hope that this shoot doesn't just give you inspiration for your wedding, I hope it also prompts you to reach back in your family story and look for the legacy of love that has been passed down to you. 

As seen on: Southern Celebrations Magazine


Design/Photography: Gracious Company (Sarah & Rachel)

Models: Marc & BJ Schuchs 

Florals: Keeli Windham

Hair & Makeup: Kayla Walters Hair

Napkins: Pinkie Pearl Co.

Stationary: Ampersand Design Co.

Desserts: Antique Sweets, Inc.

Venue: Apalachee Historic School