Jacquelin & Zac | Cincinnati, OH

I’ve said it before & I will keep saying it... one of the best things about being a photographer? Other photographers!!

Jacquelin is an amazing photographer & even better friend. I’m so lucky to have her in my corner & I’m still over the moon that I got to take her engagement photos! Jacquelin, you’re a gem & I wish you & Zac all the happiness in the world.

We ended our session at the top of a parking deck with a view of the Kroger building… because working at Kroger is how they met. And that parking deck? Where they used to park every day. All the feels you guys.

Make your engagement session tell the story of you & your relationship.

I used to send style guides for my engagement sessions and ask people to wear light, neutral colors (the thought being light colors are flattering, they diffuse shadows, make the overall photo lighter and airier)... I won’t at all be upset if you choose to do that, but I’d much rather you wear something that suits your personality, even if that means dark, bold colors.

I’ve had a few people (like Jacquelin & Zac) totally go against the style guide and it changed my whole perspective on it. Wear something that’s YOU.

Now, dressing fancy and scheduling your makeup trial for your engagement photos along with actually going on a nice date after photos are taken will always be encouraged.

Makeup: Makeup by Lindsay
Blue Dress: Lulus