Amalia & Bryce | Atlanta, GA

I’m a Georgia native, but James and I have lived and created a life in Cincinnati for the last 7 years. We knew that eventually we would move back to Georgia, and it’s what we wanted so badly, we just didn’t know when exactly it would happen. I remember the day that he got the call that he was being transferred and we immediately started to make plans (we’re both very action oriented, impulsive people) and one of the big things we had to discuss was my business. We agreed I wouldn’t take on any more Cincinnati weddings than I currently had, and while I knew it was for the best, it felt like a huge hit.

When you own a small business, you put so much of yourself into building it and I just saw all of my hard work, sleepless nights and dreams going down the drain. All of that, plus having to say goodbye to the best industry friends anyone could ask for was tough. I’m not going to lie, I was so excited to move back home and be closer to family, but I wasn’t sure my business would survive and if it did, I was certain that it would face a huge set back.

That exact same night, about 12 hours after we found out we were moving, I got an email from this girl. She wanted to know if I could photograph her wedding. I responded that I was moving and that I could recommend some amazing photographers. Then, after I sent that email, I realized that her venue was in Atlanta (face palm in the best way). So of course, I emailed her right back & explained the mix up. We talked on the phone the next day for over an hour about her wedding and just life in general. And that is how I booked my first Atlanta wedding and met Amalia—a client that turned into a friend.

And then these engagement photos happened. It’s really amazing how things have a way of working out. Maybe one day I will learn to trust that, but for now, I just feel super fortunate.