Laura & Dustin | Mason, OH

Laura and Dustin were total sweethearts. I met up with them in Mason, OH, which is not where I typically shoot, but it was so fun to explore a new place! They didn’t complain about the heat (even though the middle of September felt like the middle of July!) and they didn’t laugh at me when I was holding leaves in front of my lens (gotta get that layered bokeh foreground, can I get an amen?!), or when I was going on and on about how the light was perfect and giving Laura angel hair (okay they maybe laughed at me a little, but I can’t blame them!). Most importantly, they waded through tall grass and weeds and dodged all the pricklies and thorns so we could get that dreamy field shot. All the praise hands. These two are getting married in March and I am so happy for them and so excited to be a part of it!!